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About me

name: athena ♡
nickname: thena <3
mbti: infp-t
birthday: Jul 24
nationality: 🇵🇭
orientation: (i don't like members and shafts 💗)
pronouns: she/her


- slow updates bc of editing old works
- to show my appreciation for you all, I reply to almost every comment on my stories so if you're annoyed by that then 🤷🏻♀️
- clearly I'm a Marichat supremacist so it'll be the only ship I'll talk about maybe
- my first book Imperfect is terrible
- announcements might not have much context unless you're an avid reader lmao


- racist
- homophobic
- sexist
- ableist
- fatphobic
- someone who thinks bodyshaming in general is okay
- against my ships in a rude way, etc.

Main Ships

꧁꧁Ships in MLB꧂꧂✩ Marichat
✩ Marigami
✩ Djwifi
✩ Plikki
✩ Julerose
✩ Marcaniel
✩ Chloebrina
✩ Lukloe
꧁꧁Ships in BTS꧂꧂
❥ Yoonmin (yg, jm)
❥ Taekook (th, jk)
❥ Namjin (nmj, skj)
ᴴⁱ ʰᵒᵇⁱ ⁱˡʸ ᴴᴬᴴᴬᴴᴬᴴᴬᴴᴬ
꧁꧁Ships in HP꧂꧂
ミ✭ Hinny
ミ✭ Ronmione
ミ✭ Remadora
ミ✭ Nuna
ミ✭ Bleur
꧁꧁Ships in MLP꧂꧂
♕ Rainbowpie
♕ Rarijack
♕ Sparity
♕ Sunsetsparkle
♕ Fluttercord
꧁꧁Ships in ENH꧂꧂
↬ Jaywon
↬ Sunki

lomls <3

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